Q. How is Board Footage Calculated and if a price is given as $/MBF how do you calculate the price per piece?

A. Calculating Board Footage.


Any Questions Referencing Treated Lumber please see website below.

Q. Is your treated lumber incised (perforating the wood so that it accepts treatment)?

A. No, Hills Products Group treats Ponderosa Pine and Southern Yellow Pine. Both species naturally accept treatment and therefore it is not necessary to incise the lumber that we treat.

Q. Do you have weekly route trucks?

A. Hills Products Group has weekly route trucks that service South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Northern Colorado and Western Nebraska. Please call for information regarding your area’s scheduled delivery day.

Q. Is there a minimum order for your route trucks to deliver?

A. There is not necessarily a minimum order, but a minimum order weight of approximately 5000 lbs. If the order is less than 5000 lbs. a stop charge may be applied.

Q. Can a dealer’s customer pick up orders at a Hills Products Group plant?

A. No, due to insurance policies and liability issues, Hills Products Group does not allow dealer’s customers to pick up material in our yards.

Q. Does your treated lumber include warranties?

A. Yes, please see the warranties tab at the bottom of each page.

Q. What are the true dimensions of the rough lumber that Hills Products Group mills.

A. All of the rough lumber that is sawn at our mill is Full-Sawn, except 2” material which measures 1/8” shy in thickness (Ex. Rough 2x6 measures 1 7/8 inches thick by 6 inches wide). Dimensions may vary at time of purchase depending on age and dryness of wood.

Q. What is the difference between a peeled post and a doweled post?

A. A peeled post is the result of a log passing through a machine that just removes the bark, but the dimensions of the log/post are not dramatically altered. Thus, a peeled post retains the natural taper of a tree (Ex. a 6” x 8’ post will be no smaller than 6” on one end and can taper up to 8” or more on the other end). A dowelled post though, is machined which makes the post uniform in diameter the entire length of the post. Therefore, a 6” x 8’ post will be a true 6 inches from one end of the post to the other.

Q. Do your pointed posts have a cap on them and what does the point look like?

A. Yes, all of our pointed posts are capped at the same time they are pointed. When a post is said to be “capped,” the post has been chamfered on the top so as to protect it when driving the post in the ground with a post pounder. The pointing system that we use points the posts so they look like a sharpened pencil.